Lunz Prebor Fowler Architechts

About The Lunz Group

The process by which a design is completed is many times the deciding factor in its level of success. As an organization, we believe that a collaborative design process is crucial to creating a holistic design that meets the clients’ needs and stands apart as an exceptional solution. Approaching designs in this way, allows us to draw from each person’s and discipline’s knowledge and experience. Together, we reach a solution that incorporates solutions for the concerns of the client and each discipline respectively. This, in turn, creates a sense of ownership for the entire team, including the client. Often times, the very things that present the biggest challenges produce areas with the most innovative results.

We hope to bring these innovative solutions to each and every client, no matter the budget or design constraints. Our goals lie in three major areas: Innovation, identity and technology.

Innovation is at the forefront because we hope that each client feels that we have produced a quality design that meets their needs while also giving them something that stands out as an exceptional design solution. Innovation can be fostered in many areas of a project without adding cost to the project. Often times, those solutions help control the cost of a project whether it be through reducing life cycle costs or creating an eye catching area with low cost, durable materials.

Secondly, we hope that within each design, the client’s identity shines through. We explore the important issues with a client early on and align our designs so that the client’s values and ideals shine in the architecture and interior of the building. For example, if it is the goal of a college or university to have an established feel, we would make sure that the materials we choose reflect that. Brick or stone may be most appropriate in that situation.

Third, technology is consistently expanding and growing in every field and for every customer we come in contact with. Our goal is to incorporate technology in a way that works with the design rather than fighting it. We want to make sure that users have access to everything they need to be productive, whether they be students in a higher education building, clients or employees in a corporate building or the community in a recreational or community center. While access to technology is extremely important, keeping that technology secure is equally important. Our designs accommodate both.

At the end of the day, if our designs have met these three goals: provide innovative solutions, help establish our clients’ identity and incorporate technology seamlessly; we feel that the design is successful.