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LPF Receives Cultural Arts Recognition Program Award

Posted by LPF on Thursday, February 28, 2013 in News

Lunz Prebor Fowlergroup shot was recently recognized at the 6th Annual Cultural Arts Recognition Program Awards Reception on behalf of Platform Art and the Polk Arts Alliance. LPF was chosen for their contributions as volunteers who have given many hours of their time, passion and hard work in support of the arts in our community. Below is an excerpt from the design awards presentation that highlights LPF’s contributions that led to receipt of this award.

“Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects is committed to the cultural growth of Lakeland and Polk County.  Principal architects and staff are extensively involved in a variety of service and cultural organizations, philanthropic efforts and regional boards.    Principals and interior designers for the firm have donated their expertise, time, and resources to organizations like Platform Art, the Polk Museum of Art, and Habitat for Humanity – at times providing professional design services and construction as well.  Lunz Prebor Fowler is the longest consecutive sponsor of Platform Art, supporting the organization since 2004 when it received non-profit status.   Principal, Ed Lunz, AIA sits on the Platform Art National Advisory Board; and Principal, Victor Prebor, AIA serves on the committee for Platform’s newest innovative, international program, Pecha Kucha. They have dedicated more than 1% of their revenue for annual contributions to regional nonprofits.  This commitment to our community represents a much higher goal than the industry standard.  Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects’ philanthropic efforts are exemplary.   The firm fully understands the value cultural organizations bring to the region including economic development, diversity and quality of life.   Members of the Lunz Prebor Fowler team serve as advisors and mentors to many organizations in our region.   Their vision for our community is clear, committed and sincere.   They have nurtured Platform Art and seen it grow from its humble beginnings as a grass roots arts organization to a sustainable partner and contributor to the vision and growth of our region – making Lakeland and Polk County a cultural destination in Central Florida.   Polk County appreciates Lunz Prebor Fowler for stimulating creativity and innovation and we thank them for their partnership in supporting cultural heritage and future growth.”


LPF Honored at Inaugural Livable Polk Awards

Posted by LPF on Friday, October 19, 2012 in News

Nws-1012-LivablePolk-1-FLunz Prebor Fowler Architects received the highest honor at the Inaugural 2012 Livable Polk Awards: The Judges’ Choice. Projects were judged based on conservation development and planning, healthy community design and sustainable development. Additional judging criteria included the preservation and restoration of natural resources, integration and preservation of open spaces, and enhancement of natural areas.

LPF’s Polk County Nature Discovery Center was recognized as “the best of the best” and a project that is making Polk County a livable place for generations to come.

The Polk County Nature Discovery Center is located in the center of over 1,200 acres at Circle B Bar Reserve on Lake Hancock. The center was designed as a hub for students and visitors to explore the natural resources and learn about a variety of ecosystems.

Conservation planning was utilized in the development of the buildings and parking areas. Locations were chosen based on the preservation of existing hammocks, open space, proximity to the lakefront and direct connection to existing nature trails. The buildings were designed as an environmental and aesthetic reflection to Florida’s historical culture. Using passive techniques from the ‘cracker’ style construction of Old Florida as a point of departure, the buildings embrace contemporary methods of sustainability. From boardwalks to mechanical systems, modern materials and techniques were employed to further enhance the sustainable qualities of the complex.

The facility opened in 2008 and has also received the 2009 Merit Award for Architecture from the Tampa Bay Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

LPF Sponsors Habitat for Humanity Home

Posted by LPF on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 in News

NWS-1210-Habitat-2-FThis year marks Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects’ 25th anniversary of creative and quality driven architectural and interior design services. We are extremely appreciative to the many individuals, businesses and organizations who have partnered with us during our enriching existence. One of that ways we are showing our gratitude is through sponsorship of a Habitat for Humanity Home.

In addition to monetary support, the firm will also be assisting with the home design. Our architects and interior designers met for a design charette.

habitat-for-humanity-checkTheir task was to develop a design that blends harmoniously with the community. Elements from the designs were incorporated into the final sketch of the home.

The staff at LPF plans to get fully involved and get our hands dirty as well. Members of our staff, family and friends will join the Habitat family in construction of the home. During our first workday, we raised the walls and installed the sheathing. We will be returning to the site throughout construction to help complete the home.

Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects is pleased to announce the elevation of Bradley Lunz, AIA to principal. Mr. Lunz will oversee the Business Development, Marketing and Visualization of the firm in addition to his traditional role as architect. Mr. Lunz joined the firm in 2008 bringing over a decade of experience working with Higher Education Facilities, Historic Preservation, mixed use developments, mid-rise urban infill projects, sustainable design solutions, and collaborative design methodology.

LPF Design Goes “Beyond Bricks and Mortar”

Posted by LPF on Monday, March 12, 2012 in News

Nws-1203-SOBdonation-2-FLunz Prebor Fowler Architects is proud to support the growth and advancement of our clients. Recently, LPF assisted Saint Leo University through a charitable donation towards the construction of the Donald R. Tapia School of Business.

Dean Michael Nastanski states, “The new School of Business Building is visible evidence of our success and commitment to this generation and its benefits go well beyond the ‘bricks and mortar’.”

LPF believes in Saint Leo’s commitment to the future of education: It is our privilege to partner with them and have the opportunity to contribute to their continued success. Our goal in designing the space was to create an environment that would enhance learning, further student achievement, and incorporate innovative, interactive educational technology that would ensure future growth for the University.

LPF’s design delivers technologically advanced classrooms, flexible teaching spaces, and the incorporation of open/inviting spaces that will promote active learning and discussion that stimulates improvements in course work, content, and delivery.

The classrooms in the School of Business are the first to be constructed on-campus since 1964. These additional classrooms will not only accommodate rapidly increasing student and faculty needs, but also ultimately increase expectations of excellence at the University. State of the art education technology is seamlessly integrated in classrooms and seminar rooms-providing both students and staff with access to advanced learning tools. Bamboo panels warm the space, reflecting the sustainable nature of the building, and function as a place for mounting interactive two-four touch-screen Smartboards around the room. This allows faculty to teach from any location in the room and allows students to break out into groups while maintaining access to technology. Mobile seating and ample marker boards also encourage student interaction and collaboration.

Overall, LPF’s design of the New School of Business will positively impact Saint Leo’s faculty, staff, students and graduates for generations to come.

Saint Leo University- Parking Garage and Sports Field

Posted by LPF on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 in News

Nws-1202-SLUParkingGarageAerial-1-FThe NCAA soccer and lacrosse fields are located above a four bay 2 level parking garage built to accommodate over 740 cars. The athletic field will have a state of the art synthetic field designed for lacrosse and FIFA Class 1 rated field and will include a locker room, a press box, a concession stand and spectator seating. The press box will have a VIP lounge and 2 monitors for viewing the game. Also the locker room will be equipped with the same monitors to view tournament games while in the locker room. The concession stand will have a unique computerized point of sale system that will allow the product sales to be tracked, inventoried and allow for the digital menu board to be changed prior to an event to promote advertising of the School or purchased time from an advertised sponsor. Scoreboards will be located in a prominent location beyond the goals on each end of the field for ease of spectator viewing and team time management.

Corporate Giving and Pro-Bono Services

Posted by LPF on Thursday, January 26, 2012 in News

Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects provides pro-bono architectural services to a variety of non-profit organizations. Our annual contribution has been greater than 1% of our revenue, much higher than the target goal of our industry. Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects has provided planning, programming and design services for clients including animal shelters, museums and even individual Eagle Scouts. We believe that assisting our neighbors is our duty either in philanthropic efforts or when they are in a time of need.

Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects also prides itself in giving money and time back to our community. The company as well as individuals within the company donate money in addition to time to a variety of charities including American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Give Kids the World, Habitat for Humanity, Central Florida Speech and Hearing, Paint Your Heart Out Lakeland, United Way, Platform, Kiwanis, and Rotary among many other organizations. Lunz Prebor Fowler employees have also served in leadership capacity on a variety of non-profit boards. Some of these boards include Goodwill Industries, Central Florida Speech and Hearing, Society for the Prevention and Cruelty of Animals (SPCA), Arts in the Park, Platform, Explorations V, and Polk Theater.

Two New Polk County Fire Rescue Stations Open

Posted by LPF on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 in News

Nws-1211-FireStationsSC-1-FSaddle Creek officially opened on December 7, 2011 with a small parade of firefighters and fire trucks lead by a bagpipe player. The ceremony also unveiled a commemorative plaque honoring firefighters who served as volunteers in the area.

The Cottonwood opening was held on December 13, 2011 with a similar ceremony.

A fire truck “cut” the ribbon in each ceremony by driving into the bay. A 5-inch hose was also uncoupled during the ceremonies to mark the official openings.

Lunz Prebor Fowler’s cost effective fire station prototype design is flexible enough to adapt to the budget and needs of an area, yet complete enough to incorporate all the necessities required. It is designed to fit both urban and residential neighborhoods.

The prototype is capable of housing both fire and emergency medical personnel and addresses the recent changes in building code as it relates to fire stations. The design incorporates living areas, offices, community meeting room and several apparatus bays. The apparatus bay and living modules are designed for expansion and flexibility, as the needs change over time.Nws-1211-FireStationsCW-3-F

Additionally, our in-house interior design team chooses standard finish materials for the stations that are durable and cost effective. They are now used in each new or renovated fire station completed by Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects.

Polk County will be building more fire stations in the upcoming year. The same prototype design will be utilized. Four Corners Fire Rescue Station will start construction after the first of the year.

Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects Ranked 13 in Tampa Bay Area

Posted by LPF on Monday, December 12, 2011 in News

Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects has been ranked number
13 within the Tampa Bay Area for Architecture firms. The annual list, published
by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, ranks firms by the number of registered
architects. Last year, Lunz Prebor Fowler was ranked number 20. Lunz Prebor
Fowler has 6 registered architects on staff—many of whom hold additional
certifications. Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects is the only Lakeland
architectural firm to make the 2012 list.

Nws-1211Firm of Year-1-FLunz Prebor Fowler Architects, has been honored with the 2011 American Institute of Architects Tampa Bay Firm of the Year Award. The award recognizes architectural firms that have distinguished themselves in the field throughout the past and present.

To qualify for the award, a firm must show leadership, vision, ability, community service, as well as enhancement of the built environment, stewardship and shepherding the profession through mentoring future professionals

Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects is currently celebrating 25 years of successful architectural services. President and Principal, Edward G. Lunz established the firm in 1987 on four core values: communication, collaboration, composition and Sustainability.

Nws-1211Firm of Year-2-FThe firm has completed work in over 28 states and the District of Columbia. The firm’s customer oriented philosophy, attention to detail, and the quality of design leads to 90 percent of projects performed for repeat or referred clients.

Architectural Firms in the following counties are eligible to receive the AIA Tampa Bay Firm of the Year Award: Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk and Sumter.

The award can only be received every five years. Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects received the award in 2005 as well.

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