Courtyard on Main Coming to Dunedin City Center

Walk around downtown Dunedin and you will more than likely see a lot of growth in the area. The revitalization of the area is on the rise, and with that comes more buildings, more business, and a stronger downtown.

One of the newest projects coming soon: The Courtyard on Main, being designed by The Lunz Group’s very-own Dunedin office as well as citizens and stakeholders.

The Big Idea

This project is a mixed-use building which will be located on the corner of Main Street and Douglas Avenue, right in the historic downtown area. The project will feature retail, dining, and public spaces, as well as 18 luxury condominiums and a parking structure. The overall design and layout includes widened sidewalks, open spaces, outdoor dining, and public areas, creating a walker-friendly environment while also inspiring shared community spaces. There is also a large, open courtyard area that will be intended for use among residents and shop owners for private, intimate events – or even gathering together in a communal space – all right in the heart of downtown Dunedin.

By developing this mixed-use building, a once-vacant lot downtown will become an opportunity for residents to live, work, shop, and dine within the heart of the city center of Dunedin. Mixed-use projects benefit communities by creating jobs, raising property values and enhancing livability, all while minimizing impact on existing infrastructure. Although far more expensive to design and execute, the benefits tend to weigh in favor of mixed-use design among city centers.

The Design Phase

Our design process began much the same way all our projects do at The Lunz Group: investigation. We presented a Mediterranean Revival style concept, which added visual character to the building, and incorporated a rhythmic facade, extensive use of balconies, a varying roof line, and lush outdoor courtyard space. We completed thorough research of the existing architecture and spaces in downtown Dunedin, sourcing inspiration from the downtown surroundings before looking elsewhere and pulling in concepts from other walk-able cities around the world. We wanted to solve the problem through conscious response to the community needs of today and tomorrow. Keeping with the Mediterranean theme, the project will utilize materials such as stucco and clay tile, as well as pastel colors to visually break up the building walls and make it appear as if it had been built up over time.


Continuing to stay up-to-date as progress moves along for the Courtyard on Main by visiting its website, or by following The Lunz Group on Facebook and LinkedIn.