Lunz Prebor Fowler Architechts

Lake Myrtle Sports Development

Recreational Activities Park
Auburndale, FL Polk County

The Lake Myrtle development is a 30+ acre site that will provide varied recreational activities and house several organizations. Championship soccer and baseball stadiums have been developed in addition to multiple concession stands and maintenance buildings. Both Florida Youth Soccer and Polk County Tourism and Sports Marketing will have their headquarters located at the complex. National, state, and regional tournaments for soccer and baseball will keep the facilities in use year round. As part of the development, the Florida Sports Hall of Fame will be co-located and provide a destination venue for the visitors.

The Championship soccer stadium will serve as a key component of this destination venue for national, state, and regional tournaments.  The Florida Youth Soccer Association has their headquarters located adjacent to the facility. The stadium was designed with the travel soccer team in mind. Areas are sized to accommodate tents, vendors and team gathering areas under the grandstand. Earthen berms are created on the sides of the grandstand providing teams grassed areas for additional areas for tents and team gathering while providing gentle sloping up to the viewing areas. The stadium includes grandstands, a Press Box and a Score Board.

Multiple Concession stands located throughout the complex surrounding the various fields will conveniently service visitors.  Concessions stands and restroom facilities are derived from The Lunz Group’s cost effective prototypical facilities developed for Polk County Parks and Recreation Department.

The Championship baseball stadium was designed to meet NCAA regulations, FHSAA standards and has the ability to host minor league professional baseball games. Components of the baseball facility include Locker rooms, Facilities for officials, Concessions, Ticketing, Pressbox, Score Board and Box Suites.