Lunz Prebor Fowler Architechts

Lake Hollingsworth Residence

Rennovation & Addition
Lakeland, Polk County, Florida


The building site is on Lake Hollingsworth, a lake that is bounded by high-end residential properties with a few notable exceptions: Florida Southern College, The Lakeland Yacht and Country Club and a synagogue. Lake Hollingsworth Drive surrounds the 3 mile perimeter of the lake. Between the road and the water is a well traveled path. Old oaks provide shade for the numerous bikers, walkers, joggers and skaters. Nevada Road and the synagogue define the West boundary. Residential properties adjoin the South and East border and Lake Hollingsworth Drive and the lake create the North boundary. The site is unusual for Lakeland having a 12 foot fall from the South toward the lake. The property has numerous oaks, pines and bamboo. The existing house is a wood board and batten 1960’s Modern with a Polynesian roof over the living room.


The existing house has severe water damage making the removal of the roof and structure necessary. Several walls, including the North wall facing the lake will also need to be replaced. New setback and zoning requirements dictate the retention of the existing footprint except for detached accessory buildings. The small side yard on the West needs to be retained to provide a play area for the owner’s young child. The existing trees are to be preserved. The rough sawn beams, tectum decking, exposed board and batten interior and exterior walls, small rooms, low ceilings and Polynesian roof were all undesirable by the owner. The lake view should be maximized. A small office is required. This space shall be attached yet visually separated from living spaces – a lake view is desirable. No public access is required. Environmentally conscious design principals are to be applied whenever possible. A new pool is desired – a lake view is mandatory but privacy from the road is a concern. The existing foyer is not used because it is 150 feet away from the drive.


Transparent North and South walls with opaque East and West walls provide the desired privacy and maximizes views of lake and the efficiency of the glazing. The interior of the house follows the same schematic. The division of space will be defined by opaque cabinetry, capped at 7 feet. Glazing will fill the space between the cabinets and the ceiling where privacy dictates. The North bedroom and bath wall will have 4” translucent panels for privacy and insulation that will be capped with operable, green, high efficiency glazing. The entire roof will be replaced. The Polynesian roof will be replaced with a South sloping structure clad with metal roofing pans laminated with photo voltaic panels. The lowest roof level will be replaced with a green roof that will serve as an elevated yard from the new second story office. The remaining roof surfaces will be replaced with wood decking, tapered insulation and a white membrane roof surface. A foyer will be built at the central circulation point with a terraced walk and a new cascading water feature. A new pool and terraced patio will be placed on the lake side. Privacy will be provided by an integral privacy wall on the west edge and a landscape screen on the East. A new garage will be installed on the south side of the property.