How We Do It:

We Don’t Design For You, We Design With You.

More than 30 years ago, The Lunz Group was founded on four core values. These are at the base of everything we do:


We solve problems through the exchange of ideas with our clients, actively engaging in conversations that result in efficient, creative and valuable architectural designs.


We approach the problem from a variety of viewpoints, providing more solutions and broadening our understanding of perspective.


A whole is but a sum of parts; we form our teams, spatial relationships and creative solutions by keeping variables in mind.


Instilling practices in our company, creating solutions for our clients that last beyond the lifetime of our firm, the lifetime of our clients and continue to impact our communities positively for future generations.

Our Process

At The Lunz Group, we approach every project the same way: by listening. We listen to your vision and goals and design your building with you in mind, creating the perfect solution for you by incorporating our professional experience and knowledge with your unique needs. Our team of architects, designers and planners are in sync with the evolving demands of our clients.

The Lunz Group approach to architecture and interior design is an efficient and simple four step process: 

Investigate  >  Collaborate  >  Document  >  Build


This phase is all about understanding the problem. We start collecting, collating and thoroughly reviewing all data and meet with each user group and stakeholder, helping us engage individuals early on and delve deep into each groups’ needs. We identify opportunities and potential roadblocks, developing solutions that work for you.


During this phase, all project members come together to review the plans developed during our investigation. Collectively, we work together to design the building layout using various tools and advanced technology to create the beginnings of your architectural design. Everyone is engaged in this process and can voice questions, concerns and aspirations. The Lunz team then finalizes the designs, presenting the final package for stakeholder review and approval.


Upon approval of the final architectural design, we document the vision through detailed floorplans and construction documents. We present completion documents at various in the project, allowing for review, questions and revisions as needed among user groups. We complete quality control and assurance reviews as well. Final approval of these documents means we’re one step closer to making the dream a reality.


Once all documents are approved, the project is bid, permitted and constructed. The Lunz Group provides full bid assistance and construction administration throughout the project. Our attention to detail and ability to fast-track submission often means much less time in the permitting process – meaning a quicker project start-up for construction.

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