Cleveland Street CRA Facade Design

Clearwater, Florida

The Lunz Group was chosen by the City of Clearwater to identify areas for potential urban development in the Cleveland Street District. 

Challenges included the high cost of building restoration/ redesign and working with buildings that were almost all privately owned. Because of these restrictions, The Lunz Group focused on shifting the design of the area to a “cafe culture.”

Rather than renovate entire buildings, development was focused on the street level; bringing outdoor dining and entertainment onto the sidewalk and implementing standards for the downtown area’s building facades . Our firm concentrated on harmonizing these new facades with the to-be-restored historical buildings. 

Shifting the lighting, landscaping, and walking paths towards a pedestrian-focused, artistic experience helped create a vibrant urban community . The Lunz Group also assisted city officials in developing a grant program for businesses that adhere to the newly instated standards, thus encouraging the cafe culture and new development to the area. The Façade Design Analysis won the Out of the Box Award from the Florida Redevelopment Association at their annual meeting in Miami.