Lake Mirror Tower

Lakeland, Florida

Once a prominent landmark within the historic garden district, the “New Florida Hotel” had become an eyesore, falling into disrepair after nearly a decade of vacancy. There was talk of tearing down the 80,000 sq. ft. building before developers started offering to take on the challenge of saving it.

The Lunz Group provided 3 different concepts for 3 different clients, with the Carlisle Group eventually taking on the project. After gutting the building’s interior and removing asbestos, the old 1928 hotel was converted into the Lake Mirror Towers. 

Redesigned with original architectural details, such as the ornate crowns, arched iron windows, and terrazzo flooring, the project included the complete restoration of the Mediterranean Revival exterior, rehabilitation of the building’s mechanical and electrical systems, code violation remediation, and other preservation repairs.

The 8-story structure was converted into 78 apartment units, including a 2-story parking garage, a pool, offices, a small gym, and a ballroom. As a tribute to its storied past, The Lake Mirror Tower now serves as downtown Lakeland’s first market rate apartment complex.